PointsBet Review

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A New High-Stakes Way to Bet on Sports

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What makes the Australian company PointsBet so exciting is that they are bringing a whole new product to the online sports betting market. The high-risk, high-reward sportsbook adds more intrigue and excitement than other websites or apps where you can place an online sports wager in New Jersey.

When you are using “points betting,” every point matters. For example, if you take the Patriots -7 and win on a standard NFL bet you would double your money. But in points betting for every point the Patriots score above 7 to win the game, you win your wager amount. However, there is also a downside because every point the Patriots win by that is less than 7 (or if they lose) you lose your wager amount. You can set caps to mitigate risk, but every point is critical in points betting.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out company spokesman Darrelle Revis as he explains points betting.

A Quick Video Overview of PointsBet

Eight PointsBet Sportsbook Features You’ll Like the Most

  • Unique, high upside sports betting product exclusive to PointsBet
  • Easy to use, easy to navigate app and website
  • Convenient deposits and withdrawals with multiple options
  • Promotions and bonuses for new and active players
  • Easy registration
  • Excellent range of sports wagering options including live betting and player props
  • Reliable customer service with agents who reply to you quickly via email, live chat, or social media
  • Valuable daily odds boosts across all games

Best Odds – PointsBet provides the industry standard of -110, but will often move juice from -110 to -112 and -109 instead of the standard -115 and -105. Money lines are fairly juiced, and PointsBet offers good, industry standard lines. They also provide multiple combinations that other sites don’t feature. For example, in MMA they will allow you to bet a TKO or Submission, while other online sportsbooks make you choose one or the other.

Deposit Options – PointsBet offers a limited number of deposit options. Several credit card companies reject payments; therefore, connecting your bank account is the most direct option is a PointsBet card; no PayPal as of yet.

Mobile App – The mobile sports betting application from PointsBet is outstanding. It quickly loads the home page with a fingerprint option to skip sign in steps. The site locates you quickly and has a user-friendly interface. It’s also easy to find the game you want to bet, the day’s promotions and a variety of sports wagering options including a page dedicated entirely to live betting.

Easy Withdrawal – For the most uncomplicated withdrawal, you will want to connect your bank account to PointsBet. Once the process is completed, you will receive payouts within 24 hours.

Customer Service – One of the best features of PointsBet is the way questions are answered before you even need to ask. Video content on the site and app are strong, including video tutorials about the concept of point betting itself. When you create an account, a how-to video is direct-texted to your mobile device so you can see how everything works before you get started. They also have a live chat and a helpful customer service team.

Daily Odds Boost – When you go to bet on a game, all options are listed including Daily Odds Boost for bigger games.

Look and Feel – Easy-to-use, easy to navigate, with a clean and modern feel, A+ for PointsBet. One very nice feature is that most games come with a two-paragraph wagering preview to give you a quick background on the games.

Deposit Bonus – When you sign up using promo code ‘TQE’ you receive two free bets up to $1,000. To clarify, this means you get one refund on your first wager placed up to $500 and you qualify for a refund on your first points betting game if it is a loser as well.

Promotions and Bonuses – PointsBet regularly runs promotions based on what is happening in the sports calendar. They will have top 25 college basketball games with no juice, moneyline promotions for NBA games where if your team is winning at half time or the end of the game you win, along with new promotions every day.

PointsBet Review Summary from The Quant Edge

PointsBet is an excellent option for any sports bettor. It has a superior look and user experience, with excellent customer service, and videos to help you learn about its unique product. With new promotions showing up every day and the upside of points betting, PointsBet is a must have online Sportsbook for anyone looking to bet!