What does The Quant Edge do?

We create applications which take sports data, use the guidance of a sports and data analysts, combine standard and advanced metrics, and apply machine learning techniques to give intelligent choices to fantasy sports players and bettors.

We offer a site loaded with articles, podcasts, and chats which are focused on giving insight into playing fantasy sports and making bets.

What does the Head-to-Head tool do?

This application gives straight forward visuals of how players compare to their matchups. Graphic views of spider charts, player and team heat maps (for example, where a QB’s throws are most or least successful on the field), the ability to compare metrics week to week, and see player tiers. All shown in an easy to use and understand manner, geared to give users an edge when making DFS contest decisions.

What does Injury Impact mean?

Showing how a team adjusts when its player is on the field vs. off the field, the Injury Impact is a tool that shows true player value. You can see the impact of every player on every team on every snap!

You can now adjust to injuries with information you can’t get anywhere else.

Will you have sports other than football?

Yes, coming soon NBA, MLB, PGA, MMA all expected in the coming months

Can I ask questions to the experts?

Subscribers can chat with each other and our sports analysts, content writers and pod casters