Weekend MLB DFS Primer | Khris Davis and the underpriced Athletics

Weekend MLB DFS Primer | Khris Davis and the underpriced Athletics

Everybody’s working for the weekend, but the weekend is full of family obligations, work obligations and social obligations that can cramp your style. That doesn’t mean we want to stop playing MLB DFS! However, we need to establish an express lane where you can process all the information you need to be successful and get you checked out in time for Jr’s soccer game, your cousin’s wedding or that Match.com date that I’m sure is going to lead you to wedded bliss. Yup. I’m positive.

So, let’s do it! Your weekend in MLB DFS Express Style!


FRIDAY 6/7: With some big-time aces on the slate, it would be wise to divide and conquer. It’s perfectly fine to stay chalky in cash games with Gerrit Cole on FanDuel at home against the Orioles (who have a 23% K rate vs RHP). That K rate is too high to ignore. You’ll need some value bats, and the Reds offer a bunch on FanDuel tonight. However, on DraftKings, Cole is $12.2K and that makes Jacob deGrom at $9.4K a pivot from Cole and Clayton Kershaw, despite his roller-coaster season.

As terrific as Mike Soroka has been, his $11.6K salary on DraftKings ($10.8K on FanDuel) is too high of a premium, making him the fade of the night. Brandon Woodruff is the best value on both major sites. Don’t let the home ballpark factor scare you off because his ERA is actually lower at home this year (3.66). Pairing Woodruff and Andrew Heaney on DraftKings Friday leaves you plenty of salary relief for big-time tournament bats. Domingo German is another trap on this night. He’s fallen short of projections in two straight outings and the Cleveland offense has shown signs of life recently.

SATURDAY 6/8: Kyle Gibson has a drastic $10.1 DK to $8.8K FanDuel price range. As a fade from the top guys on FanDuel, he’s worth the shot, considering how highly owned Lucas Giolito and David Price will be on the day slate. Between the two, Giolito versus the Royals is the better option. Zack Greinke and Tanner Roark are your tournament arms on the early slate. In the late games, with Max Scherzer in a must use matchup against the Padres, Rich Hill is the only appealing fade against the light-hitting Giants. Steven Matz is a trap at home against the Rockies.

SUNDAY 6/9: If you want to be contrarian, Eduardo Rodriguez has some appeal at home against Blake Snell. The strikeout upside is there and the ownership will be low. Shane Bieber will also have similar appeal against the Yankees at home in Cleveland. The 1 pm slate will be decided by one of these two, not Blake Snell or Noah Syndergaard. Bieber has serious tournament appeal. Jake Odorizzi is the best cash game return on investment and it’s not close. He’s given up 3 ER in his last 7 starts and the Tigers are far from ferocious.

Frankie Montas‘ value is tied completely into cost. Texas is not an easy spot, so if you can get him under $10K, he’s in play against the Drew Smyly. Give me Walker Buehler over Madison Bumgarner in the late slate face off, and Stephen Strasburg over both in cash in San Diego. I’d stick to the 1 pm games only and avoid Strasburg and the LA/SF game altogether while playing cash games.


The Oakland A’s have been underpriced on FanDuel for weeks and now they head into Texas for a series. Not one Oakland bat is $4K, so take that Marcus Semien, Matt Chapman, Matt Olson, Khris Davis and Stephen Piscotty group to the bank all weekend against Lance Lynn, Drew Smyly and Joe Palumbo, who is making his debut. You’ll have to pay more on DraftKings, but it’s worth making the accommodation there as well.

The Brewers at home are always a great MLB DFS target and against the Pirates, they’ll deliver. The Nationals are a sneaky group of the weekend because folks will fade them in San Diego. However, the ball actually travels quite well there during the day and that makes them a strong return on investment Sunday.