The Verdict: Top Plays, 4.7.19

The Verdict: Top Plays, 4.7.19

Welcome, to the Judge’s Verdict. We have an insane 8 game slate tonight, so let’s get down to business with a special Sunday Verdict.

Here are some of my top tournament plays for tonight’s slate.

Note: The numbers in parenthesis refer to the salaries of that particular player. The first number is the FanDuel (“FD”) salary, while the second number is the DraftKings (“DK”) salary.

We are going to change the format for tonight due to the fact that this slate is pure madness. You have teams like the Suns and Nuggets missing at least 3 of their top players. Data, advanced analytics, and the normal research techniques that we used all season might not do us a lot of good tonight.   So, I am just going to give you my top 4 tournament plays on the slate. Otherwise known as my Core 4.

Jaylen Adams – The Hawks are without Trae and John Collins tonight. Their actual starting lineup is Adams, Huerter, Prince, Humphries, and Len. Things are changing at warp speed each night as the season winds down. Most of these players will be irrelevant in less than a week. However, I have liked what I have seen from Adams in his limited minutes. He is aggressive, and the Hawks have zero reason to not play him 30+minutes tonight. He put up 9 pts, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals, and 1 block in 22 minutes last game – so he can stuff the stat sheet with his fearless all around game. I will be taking a shot on Adams tonight.

Harden? – Price is essentially irrelevant tonight because you have 1 million value guys with entire teams resting players. This means that by default Harden will make a lot of lineups. The problem is there is TONS of value at SG. With that said, if my life depended on it – I would still roll out Harden tonight in all formats. And if I do not go with Harden, my favorite pivot is going to be Mitchell. Utah is without Rubio and Favors, so we get PG Mitchell tonight. I love the Mitchell/Gobert combo in tournaments tonight against the cake defense of the Lakers.

Super Mario – I know some will look at Mario’s price (7.4/5.6) on FD as absurd, but it honestly is a fair price tag given his current role on the disgraceful Knicks. He’s the starting PG right now and put up an insane triple double in 42 minutes last game against Houston (16 pts, 16 rebs, 11 assists). Do I expect this again tonight? No. However, against the Wizards, he is going to put up stats. The Wizards bleed fantasy points to opposing players and tonight will be no different. My sole concern is Coach Fiz – he refused to unleash Mario the entire season, so at any second this short glorious run by Super Mario could end. So, it is very risky given the price, but he does have the upside and ownership to help you win a GPP tonight.

Plumlee – Denver is resting Jokic, Murray, and Millsap tonight, so I will not overthink this one. Plumlee gets one of the easiest matchups the best few years in Enes Kanter tonight. He should be locked in to 30+ minutes at 4.3/4.7 on FD/DK, respectively. I would probably pay 6.5K for Plumlee tonight given his role, matchup, and projections. This will be one piece of chalk I will gladly eat.

Alright, the Judge’s Verdict is in and it is final. Good luck tonight!

If you have any comments/feedback, I’d love to hear from you. You can find me on twitter @DanielAGreen1 and Instagram @DGCourtroom