The Verdict | Top NBA GPP Plays, 3.11.19

The Verdict | Top NBA GPP Plays, 3.11.19

Welcome, to the Judge’s Verdict. We have a tricky six-game NBA slate tonight with lots of “interesting” value, so let’s get down to business.

Here are some of my top tournament plays for tonight’s slate.

Note: The numbers in parenthesis refer to the salaries of that particular player. The first number is the FanDuel (“FD”) salary, while the second number is the DraftKings (“DK”) salary.

Tomas Satoransky (6.3, 5.8)

As I’ve said often this year, you don’t need low owned players at every position to take down tournaments. So, I am willing to eat some Satoransky chalk tonight in a 240 over/under against the Kings. Sato has played 38 minutes per game the last week and is averaging close to a double/double in points and assists. I want as much exposure as I can to this game, and Sato is a relatively cheap way to get a key piece.

Donovan Mitchell (8.9, 8.4)

I love usage and pace, and tonight Mitchell sees a massive uptick in both with Rubio (and Neto) out (37% usage) and Utah facing the warp speed Thunder. There’s so much value it is easy to fit an angry Harden (who had 5 fouls after the first possession of the third quarter last night), but I still love the savings you can get tonight with Mitchell. One of the biggest changes with Mitchell lately has been his shooting, as he’s been over 50% from the field in his last two games (at least 47% in four of last five games). So, if he’s making shots at a high percentage in addition to running the entire offense without Rubio – he has a massive ceiling that I am not going to ignore tonight.

Jabari Parker (5.8, 5.4)

Parker is always a guy I like to target in tournaments since coming over to the Wizards. He’s seeing around 26-28 minutes per night, and he’s been an insanely efficient player on the offensive end lately. He’s shot 67%, 50%, 91%, 69%, and 50% over his last four games. And tonight, he gets to partake in the fantasy gold matchup vs. the Kings. He should be able to post 40 fantasy points in his 26-28 minutes tonight, as he will face zero resistance around the basket.

Blake Griffin (8.3, 8.3)

Let’s make a rule: If Blake doesn’t get 50 fantasy points tonight against Brooklyn, we shall never speak of him again the rest of the year. I think this is the cheapest he’s been since the first day of the NBA season, and the stubbornness in me has to try Blake once again in tournaments. It appears to be suicide to play 100% Blake, but I will try him in a few contests tonight since most will spend down on bums Frank/Marcus Morris. (maybe even Chriss). Blake has had it on cruise control for the past month, and Drummond has been playing the best basketball of his career – so Blake hasn’t had to overexert himself. In cash games, be smart and take advantage of the value tonight, but in tournaments, feel free to be tortured with me and play some Blake.

If not Drummond, then Zizic?

I’ve used Drummond almost every slate since the ASB, and I’ve been recommending him here all the time – he has yet to let us down. So, if spending up Drummond is my favorite play once again against Brooklyn. Most will probably roster Zizic, as Cleveland is without Nance and Thompson tonight. I think that makes sense for cash games. In tournaments, though, one other guy I will consider is Marc Gasol. We just learned Gasol is getting the start tonight for Toronto, and his price is discounted tonight because Gasol/Ibaka starting changes based on the matchup. So, if Gasol gets close to 30 minutes tonight, he can get us an easy 40 fantasy points against Zizic and the Cavs.

Alright, the Judge’s Verdict is in and it is final. Good luck tonight!

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