The Verdict: FD GPP Plays, 3.7.19

The Verdict: FD GPP Plays, 3.7.19

Welcome, to the Judge’s Verdict. We have a meager two game slate tonight, but alas, there is still money to be made.

Here are some of my top tournament plays for tonight’s slate on FanDuel (“FD”).

Note: The number in parenthesis refers to the salary of that particular player on FD.

Damian Lillard (9.8)

Dame makes the most sense tonight, as the 12.2K for Russ just cripples your salary cap. Portland is playing way up in pace, and Russ is still an average to subpar defender most nights. We know what we get with Dame with the minutes and usage. We’ve been waiting for that breakout game all year from him, as he has deferred a LOT to CJ and Nurk this season. A national TV game in an important matchup for playoff seeding should bring out a motivated Dame tonight. We need him to stay close (within 12-15) of Westbrook’s fantasy point total for this play to pay off – which it should tonight.

Wesley Matthews (4.7)

Inserting the name Wes Matthews in this article should be a reminder to all to play smart and small tonight. Two game slates mean we have to roster terrible basketball players in certain spots. I like nothing about this play except the price, and on FD, we need this savings. Indiana somehow is still winning games, and Wes plays a ton of minutes. Similar to the last several years, he doesn’t do much in those minutes – but tonight, we just need him to get us 25 fantasy points. The Pacers are playing up in pace, and Wes will get his 6-8 three point shot attempts in 32+ minutes as long as this game stays close.

 Jake Layman (3.7)

Yep, I told you two game slates are scary. Most will play PG13 here (Giannis too), so you’ll need to save again at the 2nd SF spot. Layman is a guy capable of exploding in limited minutes, which is what we need tonight. Evan Turner is out once again for Portland, which may open up a few extra minutes for Layman. Layman typically gets 18 minutes, but if he gets hot – Stotts will let him stay on the court for 24-26 minutes and allow us to win a new car. Layman does have the type of game that is well-suited for the fast pace of OKC, so I can envision a way Layman gets us 22+ fantasy points. And obviously, as we all know on FD, we can use this as the drop if it fails.

Thad Young (6.6)

PF is just an atrocious position tonight, so I’m taking the 35 minutes of Thad Young here and moving on at one of my PF spots. He is going to be chalk, but this is one piece of chalk I’ll gladly eat. He is going to get a low double/double (14 pts, 10 rebounds) with 2-3 steals tonight, and the most amazing stat about Thad lately has been his assists. He’s had 4 straight games of 5+ assists! So, Thad might be the safest play on this entire slate.

Brook Lopez (6.2)

Lopez appears to be the lowest owned center on the slate right now, which is bizarre to me. He is never a guy I look to target, but it’s a two game slate and his salary fits my build nicely. In the last week, he has had games of 7 and 6 blocks which is insane. He probably plays close to 30 minutes tonight (even though Turner’s athleticism will be a problem for him), and if he can bang some 3s and block a few shots, he could be the difference maker in our tournament lineups. Enes Kanter and his 18 minutes appear to be the chalk play at center tonight, so I feel good about spending up a tad to get Brook in tournaments.

Alright, the Judge’s Verdict is in and it is final. Be smart, play small, and good luck tonight!

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