NBA | Staying Ahead of the Curve, 12/3

NBA | Staying Ahead of the Curve, 12/3

Each Monday, I will be taking a look at upcoming injury/suspension impacts, teams/situations to attack, and NBA players who I believe will either be under-owned or underpriced. On bigger slates, it’s easy to get lost in the vast number of options, sudden injury news, etc.

Having an idea ahead of time of whose price you should be immediately aware of can help you sort through the chaos. More importantly, anticipating which NBA players are in a position to take a step forward ensures you will get a player that doesn’t just outperform his salary but does so at suppressed ownership.

From this point forward, all stats will be filtered to include the previous 10 games (~three weeks) only, in order to catch trends that haven’t had enough time to drastically change season-long numbers.

Without further ado:

Injury/Suspension/Trades Impacts
In this section, I’m especially interested in looking at more under-the-radar effects. For example, you don’t need me to tell you that Fred VanVleet is a great play if Kyle Lowry misses, so I’m here to help find subtle advantages we can exploit when chaotic news breaks late. I’ll also touch on injuries that we haven’t seen the effects of in the past (like Luke Doncic).

Jeremy Lin
Any time Lin misses, Trae Young’s minutes become significantly more reliable. It’s not a noteworthy enough injury to make Trae’s ownership rise dramatically, so he becomes a great GPP target.