NBA Cash Breakdown 2/9

NBA Cash Breakdown 2/9

NBA Cash Breakdown 2/9

Eight games on tonight’s slate and there are a bunch of good spots here. We have quite a few prices on traded players that we can exploit. Obviously the big injury news of the day is Giannis being ruled out already. The only other main news I would say is whether or not Gasol can play. Keep an eye on that one for sure as that is a really good matchup. Lets get into it. 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook  James Harden  Paul George  Julius Randle  Lauri Markkanen 
Kemba Walker Bradley Beal  Jayson Tatum  Jaren Jackson  Kenneth Faried 
Mike Conley  Khris Middleton  Otto Porter  Bobby Portis  DeAndre Jordan 
Eric Bledsoe  Malcolm Brogdon  Jabari Parker  Jerami Grant  Cody Zeller 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook James Harden  Paul George  Julius Randle  Al Horford 
Eric Bledsoe  Bradley Beal  Trevor Ariza  Lauri Markkanen DeAndre Jordan 
Darren Collison  Khris Middleton  Taurean Prince  Kenneth Faried  Cody Zeller 
Dennis Smith Jr  Jaylen Brown  Jabari Parker  Bobby Portis  Ivica Zubac 

DK Core 4 

Khris Middleton ($6,100) 

Bobby Portis ($5,400) 

Cody Zeller ($4,200) 

Jabari Parker ($4,800) 

KHRIS MIDDLETON is a no brainier with Giannis OUT. Middleton is coming in rested after getting last night off and he sees a significant bump without Giannis on the floor. BOBBY PORTIS is just simply not priced correctly yet and forget the revenge, this is an excellent matchup. CODY ZELLER is back playing his 25 minutes a night and he’s been over 26 DK points in his first 2 games back. He has flirted with a double double in those games and if he does get that double double bonus we are talking about an excellent cash play. JABARI PARKER is going to round out the core on DK because much like Portis, he isn’t priced correctly for his new situation yet and the matchup is just so darn good.  I know I said with Portis I like the play regardless of the revenge factor and that is the case here but this is a guy that should be really pissed with how the Bulls treated him so I can for sure see him come into tonight with a chip on his shoulder. 


Khris Middleton ($6,500) 

Bobby Portis ($6,500) 

Ivica Zubac ($3,900) 

Jabari Parker ($3,900)

PARKER, MIDDLETON and PORTIS make the core on FD for tonight. Parker might be 100% owned on FD tonight at that price. IVICA ZUBAC rounds out my core on FD because of the price and nice matchup with the Celtics. The Celtics struggle to rebound the ball and Zubac is finally freed. We have already seen what he can do earlier this year when he started and played most of the minutes at C where had multiple games at 10X this salary and even a 53 point performance. I really like him here.