NBA Cash Breakdown 2/6

NBA Cash Breakdown 2/6

NBA Cash Breakdown 2/6

Seven NBA games on the day before the trade deadline. Certainly not my favorite slate, but I will try to break it down. I can’t stress enough to be on your toes literally right up until and even after lock tonight, as we could get a handful of guys “resting” out of nowhere because they are involved in trade talks. Just be ready, that’s all. 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
DeAaron Fox  James Harden  Giannis Antetokounmpo Kevin Durant  Nikola Jokic 
Eric Bledsoe  Steph Curry  Rudy Gay  Kenneth Faried  Jahlil Okafor 
Shabazz Napier  Malcolm Brogdon  Otto Porter  Bobby Portis  Willie Cauley-Stein 
Bryn Forbes  Marco Belinelli  Tim Hardaway  Marvin Bagley  Cody Zeller 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Steph Curry  James Harden  Giannis Antetokounmpo Lauri Markkanen  Nikola Jokic 
Eric Bledsoe  Malcolm Brogdon  Kevin Durant  Jeff Green  Jahlil Okafor 
Shabazz Napier  Jeremy Lamb  Otto Porter  Kenrich Williams  Willie Cauley-Stein 
Bryn Forbes  Marco Belinelli  Rudy Gay  Check Diallo  Kevon Looney 

DK Core 4 

Jahlil Okafor ($7,300) 

Tim Hardaway ($4,900) 

Rudy Gay ($5,900) 

Kenneth Faried ($7,000) 

JAHLIL OKAFOR has an excellent matchup with a CHI team that can’t rebound the basketball or play defense. It certainly does not hurt that Jahlil is from Chicago. Regardless, he’s been pretty darn good since AD went down, and his price hasn’t gotten out of hand by any means. He certainly has 50+ upside and has shown it. TIM HARDAWAY is just laughably too cheap on DK tonight. I get that this is his first game with a new team but $4,900. This is a spot where he could trip all over himself and get to value. He just played against this CHA team, and I know it was with the Knicks, but he had 37.5 DK points in 31 minutes. I can’t imagine him playing much less than that number here and like I said from the get-go, just too cheap. RUDY GAY is just a no-brainer with no DeRozan or Aldridge for SA. If you want to get cute and fade him in tournaments, that’s on you but certainly not in cash. KENNETH FARIED has been so darn good and consistent without Capella in the lineup. Just a walking double-double and his price isn’t moving. Just take it, say thank you and move on. 


Jahlil Okafor ($7,800) 

Jeff Green ($5,800) 

Rudy Gay ($6,000) 

Bryn Forbes ($4,400)

We touched on OKAFOR and GAY above, and I like them both over on FD. If you wanted to play JOKIC over here, I would completely understand. I just prefer the more balanced approach tonight. JEFF GREEN has been really darn good over his last three games and is getting the minutes. He has been over 20 actual points in three straight and over 31 FD points in three straight. One of those games was actually against MIL as well. BRYN FORBES is going to round out our Core 4 tonight for a lot of the reasons that were mentioned when I talked about Gay. No DeRozan and no White are really big for him in the backcourt, and he hasn’t been very good, but he’s also not going to kill you. He averages right around 20 FD points a night, but this is a spot where you could see a bit of an uptick.