NBA Cash Breakdown 12/3

NBA Cash Breakdown 12/3

NBA Cash Breakdown 12/3

We have a nice seven-game NBA slate on tap for Monday and there really isn’t a lot of news to follow which is nice. Kyle Lowry is going to play. Otto Porter has been ruled out, so that puts Kelly Oubre in play. It is just always so hard to trust him in cash. The only other two really are Jeremy Lin and Joe Harris, both are questionable tonight.


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook James Harden Kevin Durant Anthony Davis Andre Drummond
Steph Curry Bradley Beal Kawhi Leonard Blake Griffin  Karl Anthony-Towns
Reggie Jackson Klay Thompson Danny Green Noah Vonleh Clint Capela
Alonzo Trier Kent Bazemore DeMarre Carrol Stanley Johnson Steven Adams 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook James Harden Kevin Durant Anthony Davis Andre Drummond
Steph Curry Bradley Beal  Kawhi Leonard Blake Griffin Karl Anthony-Towns
Reggie Jackson Klay Thompson Paul George Tobias Harris Steven Adams
Emmanuel Mudiay Alonzo Trier Demarre Carroll Taj Gibson Tristan Thompson

Core 4

Allonzo Trier (DK $3,800) (FD $3,900) 

The upside is certainly there for Trier, he nearly triple-doubled three games ago when he went for 24, 10 and seven for 47.5 DK points. That is also not the first time he has done that, just two games prior to that he went for 25, eight and four for 42.5 DK points. The common theme in those two games…over 30 minutes played. I would expect that we see that here tonight with Trey Burke going to miss. If that’s the case, the matchup with Washington is pure gold. In two of his last five games, he has 11x’d his salary and 12.5x’d his salary. At near minimum on both sites, we have to play him here. 

Klay Thompson (DK $7,400) (FD $7,000) 

I get that with Steph back the perception is that it should hurt Klay, but it will actually help. Steph commands a lot of attention when he is on the floor, and it is a little easier for Klay to get lost.  Klay is going to get his 20 + shots pretty much regardless of who is playing, it is just what he does. Need I remind you that his outrageous game against Chicago came with them at full strength. The blowout concern is there, but Klay can get it done in limited minutes and if the game does blowout Klay will most likely have a big hand in that happening. The matchup is really good, especially for Thompson who shoots a lot of transition threes 

Steven Adams (DK $6,400) (FD $7,300) 

Love the DK price. That is just way too cheap for Steven Adams in this matchup. Andre Drummond doesn’t leave the paint and that suits Steven Adams perfectly. When Adams has to leave the paint to defend the permitter, he struggles to get back into the play and rebound the ball, leading to big rebound spots for Westbrook and sometimes George. But that is not something we have to worry about here. He will be battling Drummond all night in the paint, and I fully expect a double-double from Adams in this one. Drummond is not the defender everybody thinks he is, and Adams should be able to get some easy buckets being the roll man with the high pick and roll with Westbrook. 

Andre Drummond (DK $9,200) (FD $10,000) 

Much like Adams, I like his DK price more, but he is fine on FD as well. On DK, where we can play two centers, I think, as of now, I am playing both of them in cash. As I mentioned above with Adams, both of these guys do not leave the paint, so the rebounding opportunities should be there. He has been pretty solid this year and, outside of the Knicks game, that has been the case as of late. Seven of his last 10 games have been over 48 DK points, and that is right where we are looking for value tonight. The thing I also like about Drummond is that despite the solid play his price has gone down.