NBA Cash Breakdown 12/1

NBA Cash Breakdown 12/1

Decent six-game NBA slate for a Saturday night. A little bit of injury news to follow as well. We got word yesterday that Victor Oladipo is going to be out for a while so we can continue to attack that situation how we have been as IND has a great matchup tonight. In that same game, we have Domantas Sabonis listed as questionable which is pretty big news. Otto Porter and Marvin Bagley are also listed as questionable tonight and those are both pretty significant. Steph Curry is returning for the Warriors but Draymond will still be out. The last little bit of news comes with Jaylen Brown. Brown obviously missed last night so we were able to use Marcus Smart so we will have to keep and eye on that as well.

Core 4

Darren Collison (DK $5,400) (FD $6,300) 

I like it better on DK but still fine on FD. We have seen his production spike without Oladipo int he lineup and that is what we are going to have for a little while here. He gets one of the best matchups on the board with SAC being second in pace and 23rd in defensive efficiency. So without Oladipo, Collison has about the same usage rate, but his DK point per minute goes from 0.8 with Dipo to one without. Might not seem like much but his assists also spike from 3.9 to 7. That will certainly help his floor. I don’t love the price hike but the matchup warrants it and it doesn’t hurt that this is a bit of a narrative spot as well as Collison spent a few years in SAC.