NBA Cash Breakdown 12/1

NBA Cash Breakdown 12/1

NBA Cash Breakdown 12/1

Decent six-game NBA slate for a Saturday night. A little bit of injury news to follow as well. We got word yesterday that Victor Oladipo is going to be out for a while so we can continue to attack that situation how we have been as IND has a great matchup tonight. In that same game, we have Domantas Sabonis listed as questionable which is pretty big news. Otto Porter and Marvin Bagley are also listed as questionable tonight and those are both pretty significant. Steph Curry is returning for the Warriors but Draymond will still be out. The last little bit of news comes with Jaylen Brown, who obviously missed last night so we were able to use Marcus Smart so we will have to keep and eye on that as well.


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Steph Curry James Harden Kevin Durant Blake Griffin  Andre Drummond
John Wall Zach LaVine Kawhi Leonard Al Horford Karl Anthony-Towns
D’Angelo Russell Klay Thompson Bojan Bogdanovic Pascal Siakam Clint Capela
Darren Collison Bogdan Bogdanovic DeMarre Carrol Thad Young Jarrett Allen


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Steph Curry James Harden Kevin Durant Blake Griffin Andre Drummond
John Wall Zach LaVine Kawhi Leonard Pascal Siakam Karl Anthony-Towns
De’Aaron Fox D’Angelo Russell  Bojan Bogdanovic Serge Ibaka Al Horford
Darren Collison Bogdan Bogdanovic Doug McDermott Wendell Carter  Jarrett Allen

Core 4

Darren Collison (DK $5,400) (FD $6,300) 

I like it better on DK but still fine on FD. We have seen his production spike without Oladipo int he lineup and that is what we are going to have for a little while here. He gets one of the best matchups on the board with SAC being second in pace and 23rd in defensive efficiency. So without Oladipo, Collison has about the same usage rate, but his DK point per minute goes from 0.8 with Dipo to one without. Might not seem like much but his assists also spike from 3.9 to 7. That will certainly help his floor. I don’t love the price hike but the matchup warrants it and it doesn’t hurt that this is a bit of a narrative spot as well as Collison spent a few years in SAC. 

D’Angelo Russell (DK $7,200) (FD $7,800) 

Pretty fair price on both sites, but he has started to get it going lately. Trust me, I don’t love playing Nets in cash on most nights, but this is just a really good spot. I don’t love the back to back coming off of 45 minutes, but the matchup is just so good. These are his shot totals over the last three games, 28, 25, and 27. That is insane volume. BKN recently played at WAS just two weeks ago and Russell was able to put up 38.25 in 30 minutes and the following night against LAC, he put up 51.25 DK points in 35 minutes. Point being, I am a little worried about the back to back, especially after a two OT game, but it is not like he can’t play well in this spot. He has a 30 percent usage rate on the year while playing 29 minutes a night with a 1.2 DK point per minute pace. That is a baseline projection of 34.8, which is right around value. Now, we take into consideration the matchup and the fact that his usage in the last three games has spiked to 36 percent, and I really like him here. 

Bojan Bogdanovic (DK $5,200) (FD $5,200) 

Love the play on FD, like it on DK. He has actually been one of the most consistent players at his price all year. Over his last 10 games, he has a low of 20.75, which was last time out, and a high of  42.5. The 20.75 outing is not going to kill you at that price and, obviously, the 42.5 outing will put you in a really good spot. Honestly, we are looking for 25-30 DK points for cash and that is certainly something I expect in this matchup. Like I mentioned with Collison, matchups don’t get much better than this. Especially on the wing against SAC. 

Karl Anthony-Towns (DK $9,200) (FD $9,800) 

I like the price on both sites tonight. Yes, Boston has a pretty good defense but they also can’t rebound the basketball. Towns has CRUSHED Boston. In the six games that he has played against them in his career, he is averaging 38 minutes a game, 23 points and 16 rebound a night. A 20/20 game is absolutely in play here. Since the departure of Butler, Towns has just become a different player. He went from 24 percent usage with 17 points 11 boards a night to 27 percent usage, 23 points and 13 boards a night. Massive difference there and this is really a good matchup for Towns.