NBA Cash Breakdown 11/8

NBA Cash Breakdown 11/8

NBA Cash Breakdown 11/8

Quite the difference a night makes. Last night was a hectic pre lock 10-game slate. Tonight we get a pretty tame four-game slate with what looks like very little injury news. Of course, this being the NBA things can pop up throughout the day but it is only four games so it should be pretty manageable. Let’s take a look at my ‘Core 4’ plays for cash games tonight. 

Core 4

Giannis Antetokounmpo (DK $11,000) (FD $12,500)

If I was advocating to play him the other night at $12,600, how in the world can I not be doing the same here!? Golden State is going to be without Draymond Green, who is right up there with people that could give Giannis a hard time defensively. Not that KD is a poor defender, but Giannis will be able to get his against him. The game against Portland was just a weird one for Giannis. He played pretty well, but the peripherals just weren’t there at all. He did not record a defensive fantasy point. That is for sure an outlier. The numbers from the other night are all the same. The usage is massive and the minutes are massive in close games and this should certainly be that. 

Steven Adams (DK $5,800) (FD $7,800)

Hey DK, what are you doing here? Adams is 2K less on DK than FD and on a four-game slate, this is a price play that you can’t pass on. Last year against the Rockets, Adams averaged 33 DK points per game while playing 35 minutes per game. That was also with Carmelo Anthony on the floor as well, so Adams wasn’t getting nearly the shot attempts that he is now. He is averaging 34 DK points per game as it is this year. He has only been below 30 DK points twice thus far, and I just do not get the price one bit. His floor is around 6x. You have to make this play on DK. 

 James Harden (DK $10,100) (FD $11,500)

Another mistake by DK in my opinion. Harden is WAY too cheap over there. I understand that he hasn’t had this massive blowup game yet this season, but he does have over 50 DK points in four of his six games with the lowest being 43.25. There shouldn’t be any concern about coming back from injury as he has played in 33 and 35 minutes respectively. The shot attempts are somewhat down, but the major thing holding Harden back has been the peripherals, most notably the rebound numbers. There is literally no chance we see him this cheap again this season, and it is a four-game slate. I don’t see how I don’t play him here. The usage is there at 33 percent and the minutes are there at 35 per night. He is going to explode here soon and in OKC where he still has bad blood is a logical spot. 

Jonas Jerebko (DK $3,600) (FD $4,000)

It is a four-game slat,e and we have to save somewhere. I would love to just be able to write up a ‘Core 4; of all studs, but that doesn’t really make much sense. With Draymond out, Jerebko is the logical choice to step in as the starter here. He has fit in well with this team and is actually producing pretty consistently on a nightly basis off the bench. He is playing 17 minutes a night and has been a DK point per minute producer. So with Draymond out, he should find his way onto the floor for an additional 5-8 minutes and if we are talking about 21-25 minutes instead of 17, producing a fantasy point per minute, he should crush that price tag. I will say Jordan Bell and Alonzo McKinnie could also find their way on the floor for minutes as well, but Jerebko is the safest best to see more minutes. Jerebko matches up really well with Ersan, and Ersan has been seeing about 25 minutes a night, so I do think we see Jerebko match those minutes.