NBA Cash Breakdown 11/30

NBA Cash Breakdown 11/30

NBA Cash Breakdown 11/30

Big 11 game slate. Marc Gasol, Aaron Gordon, Chris Paul and Gary Harris are questionable as of now. We already have Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, TJ Warren, Goran Dragic and Dwight Howard out. Basically, this is a stars and scrubs slate. Building a balanced cash lineup is risky and not recommended. 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook James Harden LeBron James Anthony Davis Joel Embiid
Ben Simmons Jrue Holiday Paul George Blake Griffin  Andre Drummond
Luka Doncic Devin Booker Jayson Tatum Nikola Mirotic Mason Plumlee 
Elie Okobo Marcus Smart Josh Jackson Markieff Morris Aron Baynes


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook James Harden LeBron James Anthony Davis Joel Embiid
Ben Simmons Jrue Holiday Paul George Blake Griffin Nikola Jokic
Dennis Smith Luke Doncic Harrison Barnes  Markieff Morris  Julius Randle
Elie Okobo Marcus Smart Justice Winslow Josh Jackson  Aron Baynes

Core 4

Russell Westbrook (DK $11,500) (FD $11,400) 

His price is certainly up there but the matchup doesn’t get much better than this one. He’s 0.2 assists a night from averaging a triple double on the year and currently has a 32% usage rate while playing 33.4 minutes a night at a ridiculous 1.7 DK point per minute clip. With all of the value today we will most likely be fitting in 2 studs in cash and this is absolutely going to be 1 of my 2. Atlanta also turns the ball over the most in the entire league so Westbrook could very well get a ceiling steals game here as well. 

Joel Embiid (DK $10,900) (FD $11,000) 

Stud number 2 is Joel Embiid. You can certainly count on 1 hand the number of players that have been more consistent than Embiid this year. He has ridiculous 33% usage rate while playing 34.6 minutes per night at a 1.6 DK point per minute clip. Those numbers are fall right in line with Westbrook which is why I absolutely love both of their floors. Much like Westbrook, the matchup is there for Embiid as well. Washington plays at the 6th fastest pace in the league and has the 2nd worst defensive rating. Obviously a matchup we want to target. The Wizards are also the 2nd worst rebounding team in the league and now will be without Dwight Howard for the foreseeable future. One more thing working in Embiid’s favor is the block shot potential. John Wall does not take a lot of jumpers, he likes to get to the rim. Embiid should see a bunch of block opportunities here and I just absolutely love him. 

Aron Baynes (DK $3,200) (FD $3,500)

I am thoroughly confused on this pricing. Al Horford was announced out before the pricing dropped on either site and we still get him at minimum on FD and practically minimum on DK. I am not sure how we avoid Baynes here. The matchup also suits him as he is going to get to battle with Tristan Thompson down low. I like that matchup just for the fact that TT doesn’t leave the paint. He is not a big that is going to step out and stretch the floor at all which is really nice for Baynes because he certainly can’t do that. I see him possibly matching TT’s minutes which as of late have been in the mid 30’s. I can’t imagine Stevens going with Morris at the 5 with TT in the game because the C’s will just get killed on the glass. Baynes is a 1 DK point per minute guys, pretty easy to do that math with however many minutes he is going to play. If he sees 30 minutes he could easily 10x this price. He is an absolute lock for me as a value play. 

Josh Jackson (DK $3,800) (FD $4,000) 

My other can’t miss value is Jackson. I have a really hard time seeing him fail in this spot. With TJ Warren playing over the last 3 games Jackson has seemed to have figured it out a little bit with 18 DK points in 24 minutes, 21.75 in 22 minutes, and 28.75 in 20 minutes. Like I said, that was with Warren. Now, we get to play him with TJ Warren out. The Suns aren’t going to start a true PG tonight either as Devin Booker is going to get that nod and I like that for Jackson simply because he can handle the ball a bit. He has undoubtedly been bad to start the year. There were rumblings of some medical issues going on with him but those have seemed to subside. He actually has a pretty darn good usage percentage at 25% it just hasn’t amounted to anything much. Orlando also doesn’t defend the wing particularly well and could be without Gordon tonight. I Really like Jackson at his price and opportunity.

*There is literally ZERO chance that I don’t start my cash lineup with these 4 guys. That leaves you with $5,150 a player for the remaining 4 spot on DK. My FD 4 will most likely be Westbrook, Simmons, Jackson, Baynes and then that leave you with $6,360 a spot. Like I mentioned in the intro, this is 100% a stars and scrubs cash night.*