NBA Cash Breakdown 11/28

NBA Cash Breakdown 11/28

NBA Cash Breakdown 11/28

Ten NBA games tonight and there are certainly plenty of options. This is actually somewhat difficult to narrow it down. We have the highest total game of the year in NO and WAS which is sitting at 241. That is just insane. The lowest O/U tonight is 214. So. Many. Options. Let’s try and parse through some of it. 

Core 4

John Wall (DK $9,100) (FD $9,300) 

Very fair price on both sites and obviously the game environment is elite here. Like I mentioned in the opening, this is the highest O/U on the year, and I am just going to want to jam as much of this hame into cash games as possible. Wall exploded against the Rockets, scoring 36 actual points to go with 11 assists for a DK output of 59.75. He is right around the salary where I feel comfortable playing him, and I just don’t really see a reason why not to tonight. The usage of 28.5 percent, the minutes of 35.3 and the game environment are all there. 

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