NBA Cash Breakdown 11/27

NBA Cash Breakdown 11/27

This is a bit of a tricky five-game NBA slate tonight. We obviously want to target the Nuggets pretty heavily, but I am assuming that is where most will go. There are so many centers on this slate that also make sense and on FD it is going to be really hard to choose just one. 

Core 4

Jamal Murray (DK $6,900) (FD $7,300) 

How can we not like Murray in this spot? The Lakers have played much better defense as of late and that has pushed them to the 10th best defensive rating in the league. They are, however, playing at the fourth fastest pace, and that is a massive bump for the Nuggets, who are in 26th for pace. The Nuggets, as a whole, are also eighth in offensive rating, so this just sets up so well. If Gary Harris were to miss, I think I would play 100 percent Murray across everything. Without knowing that just yet, I still like Murray a bunch. With the combination of matchup plus the minutes he has been playing recently, we just can’t pass on him in cash tonight.