NBA Cash Breakdown 1/9

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/9

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/9

We have 10 NBA games on our hands tonight, and I am expecting a hectic lock so just be ready to make adjustments. We have some decent games to target but we also have some blowout potential in those games. Once again we have a couple of big differences in price depending on the site so just make sure you are paying attention to that as well. I am going to do things a little bit different tonight. I am going to give my Core 4 on FD with a summary and my Core 4 on DK with a summary. Let me know what you think. If you like it we’ll keep it, if not we’ll go back. Just figured I would try something a little different for tonight. 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Damian Lillard James Harden  Giannis Antetokounmpo Anthony Davis Joel Embiid
D’Angelo Russell  Bradley Beal Ben Simmons Blake Griffin Andre Drummond
Reggie Jackson  Victor Oladipo Kyle Kuzma  Domantas Sabonis Clint Capela
DeAnthony Melton Donovan Mitchell  Thad Young  John Collins  Marc Gasol 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Ben Simmons James Harden  Giannis Antetokounmpo Anthony Davis Joel Embiid 
Damian Lillard Victor Oladipo Brandon Ingram  Blake Griffin  Julius Randle 
Kyrie Irving  Donovan Mitchell DeMarre Carroll  Kyle Kuzma Marc Gasol 
Reggie Jackson  D’Angelo Russell  Kelly Oubre  Domantas Sabonis Jarrett Allen 

DK Core 4

Donovan Mitchell ($7,300)

D’Angelo Russell ($7,600) 

Andre Drummond ($8,600) 

Domantas Sabonis ($7,000) 

With Turner OUT tonight, SABONIS is an absolute lock tonight against the Celtics. We have been over this countless times, but the C’s just can’t rebound. D’ANGELO RUSSELL gets one of the best possible matchups you can have, and he just absolutely destroyed this team the first time they played. He put up 56.5 DK points in 29 minutes. DRUMMOND is much more of a cash play, as his ceiling isn’t all that high compared to Blake, but his rebounding floor also makes him a bit safer. This is a great matchup, as they will be way up in pace and the Lakers have traditional bigs to match up with Drummond. The Lakers also struggle to shoot the ball, which is obviously another huge plus for Drummond. Could absolutely be a 20-rebound spot but an absolute lock for a double-double. DONOVAN MITCHELL is probably the “sneakiest” of this Core 4, as he may go overlooked a bit tonight, but he is just too cheap on DK. With Rubio and Exum set to miss, both sites priced Raul Neto way up, and I honestly do not like him as a play at all because all of the first team usage should go right to Mitchell. With all of the extra usage, he almost has to fall into more peripheral stats here and that should be really good for his floor. Orlando has been bad at defending the perimeter this year. 

FD Core 4

Kyrie Irving ($8,400) 

Domantas Sabonis ($7,000) 

D’Angelo Russell ($7,700) 

Blake Griffin ($9,200) 

We already went over SABONIS and RUSSELL above. Both of their prices are even better over on FD tonight. KYRIE IRVING is $300 cheaper on FD tonight, and you all know that I love that. He also has a better matchup than you would think. Collison is questionable and isn’t a really good on-ball defender to begin with but probably the best part about the IND defense for Kyrie is that there is no Myles Turner tonight. Sabonis, while he is a great player is certainly no rim protector, and the C’s should be able to have their way at the rim, and we all know that’s where Kyrie likes to get to. BLAKE GRIFFIN has the same matchup as Drummond, which we talked about above and that makes me really like both of them tonight. Talk about a player who absolutely excels in pace up matchups. This is the ideal spot for Blake, and he is returning to the Staples Center, which is where he called home for a good chunk of his career. He has also been super consistent as of late, and these have all been brutal matchups. He has been over 45 FD points in his last four games, and those games were against MIL, MEM, UTA, and SA. Yeah, this is about a 1000000x’s a better matchup for him tonight.