NBA Cash Breakdown 1/7

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/7

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/7

We have a fun eight games for this Monday NBA slate. All of the studs are in pretty tough spots tonight, and there are some big price discrepancies between sites that we really need to pay attention to. There are a bunch of players who are cheaper on FD tonight when they are usually 1K more. There are also players on DK who are $1500 cheaper than FD, which is also egregious.

The best matchups/pace bumps go to Memphis, Orlando and Dallas, so we should try to be targeting that tonight. Also, we got a lot of Brooklyn news midway through the day — they are going to be extremely short-handed — so that is another situation to absolutely attack. Let’s do this!


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Damian Lillard James Harden Giannis Antetokounmpo Anthony Davis Andre Drummond
Mike Conley Luka Doncic Aaron Gordon LaMarcus Aldridge Clint Capela 
De’Aaron Fox Spencer Dinwiddie  Harrison Barnes  Al Horford  DeAndre Jordan 
DJ Augustin  Gary Harris  Rodions Kurucs Derrick Favors  Willie Cauley-Stein 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Damian Lillard James Harden  Giannis Antetokounmpo Anthony Davis Nikola Vucevic
Kyrie Irving  Luka Doncic Joe Ingles Aaron Gordon  Julius Randle 
Mike Conley  CJ McCollum Harrison Barnes  Jayson Tatum  DeAndre Jordan 
Spencer Dinwiddie  Malcolm Brogdon Jae Crowder Rodions Kurucs Al Horford 

Core 4

DeAndre Jordan (DK $6,1000 (FD $6,800) 

I love the DK price, and I am just fine with the FD price. I get that he isn’t playing huge minutes and has disappointed a bit in spots where we thought he would smash, but this is just too cheap. He gets a massive pace up spot against a poor shooting team. He, again, has the potential to have a 15-rebound game…in the first half. If this game stays close, I think he goes for 20+ rebounds. Regardless, the floor for this price is there, and we certainly love the matchup. 

Rodions Kurucs (DK $3,500) (FD $4,300) 

Awesome price for a guy who literally has to play 30+ minutes tonight. He hasn’t been great lately, but that is all tied to his lack of minutes. In the three games that he played 30+ minutes, here are his DK numbers: 33.75, 34 and 41. That will absolutely work for the price tag and with Brooklyn being short-handed tonight, I can’t imagine him not playing huge minutes. 

Aaron Gordon (DK $6,700) (FD $7,200) 

I think the price is great on both sites. He is another player who hasn’t been playing his best basketball as of late, but we just have to trust the matchup. This is a spot that absolutely matches Gordon’s skill set to a T. He loves to play up-tempo basketball and tonight, he gets to do that against a team that also struggles to defend wings. The first time these two teams played, he went for 44.5 DK points in 34 minutes. I can’t stress enough as we get into the grind of the season that we don’t get caught game-log watching because these guys are going to go through ups-and-downs, but instead just focus on minutes and matchup. The minutes have absolutely been there for Gordon, but things just haven’t quite been going his way. This is an excellent spot to get right. 

Mike Conley (DK $7,500) (FD $8,100) 

Much like what I said about with Gordon, we are focusing on matchups and this one for Conley is really, really good. It is a massive pace up spot for Memphis, and that is a big bump for Conley. In their first meeting, Conley underwhelmed with just 29 DK points, but that was on 2-12 shooting and he didn’t have 10 assists in the game. More possessions is always a good thing for a team, and Conley should be able to capitalize on that tonight. If he can shoot the ball just a bit better, he should be just fine. Coming off of the shoulder injury, he has shot the ball 20 and 12 times, so I am going to say he is just fine there in scoring 31 and 21 actual points in those games. Much like Gordon, we just trust the spot and play him because the price is more than fair.