NBA Cash Breakdown 1/7

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/7

We have a fun eight games for this Monday NBA slate. All of the studs are in pretty tough spots tonight, and there are some big price discrepancies between sites that we really need to pay attention to. There are a bunch of players who are cheaper on FD tonight when they are usually 1K more. There are also players on DK who are $1500 cheaper than FD, which is also egregious.

The best matchups/pace bumps go to Memphis, Orlando and Dallas, so we should try to be targeting that tonight. Also, we got a lot of Brooklyn news midway through the day — they are going to be extremely short-handed — so that is another situation to absolutely attack. Let’s do this!

Core 4

DeAndre Jordan (DK $6,1000 (FD $6,800) 

I love the DK price, and I am just fine with the FD price. I get that he isn’t playing huge minutes and has disappointed a bit in spots where we thought he would smash, but this is just too cheap. He gets a massive pace up spot against a poor shooting team. He, again, has the potential to have a 15-rebound game…in the first half. If this game stays close, I think he goes for 20+ rebounds. Regardless, the floor for this price is there, and we certainly love the matchup.