NBA Cash Breakdown 1/4

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/4

Big 10-game NBA slate on tap for tonight, and there is going to be a lot of news to keep up with. Make sure you are hanging in chat before lock tonight as a lot can change. We already have some news and Boston is going to be pretty short-handed tonight, so I am sure a couple of them will find their way onto the sheet and maybe in the Core 4. The questionable guys who can really change the slate are Myles Turner, Mike Conley, Kyle Kuzma, Derrick Rose and Ricky Rubio. Lets dig in!

Core 4

DeAndre Jordan (DK $6,400) (FD $6,800) 

Such a good price on both sites. He crushed Boston last year and I fully understand that was with the Clippers but 20 rebounds are in play here because the Celtics don’t have anybody that can compete with him on the glass. In the last couple of games, he has seen his minutes cut but that is strictly from blowouts. Not only do the Celtics not have anyone that can rebound with him, but they also don’t have anyone who can challenge him at the rim. He is not known as a scorer, obviously, but he averaged nearly 23 a game against BOS last year for one reason. A lot of dunks. The C’s haven’t done anything personnel wise to change that so I expect more of the same tonight. I feel safe enough to LOCK in a double-double. The only question is how big of a double-double it becomes.