NBA Cash Breakdown 1/4

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/4

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/4

Big 10-game NBA slate on tap for tonight, and there is going to be a lot of news to keep up with. Make sure you are hanging in chat before lock tonight as a lot can change. We already have some news and Boston is going to be pretty short-handed tonight, so I am sure a couple of them will find their way onto the sheet and maybe in the Core 4. The questionable guys who can really change the slate are Myles Turner, Mike Conley, Kyle Kuzma, Derrick Rose and Ricky Rubio. Lets dig in!


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook Bradley Beal Giannis Antetokounmpo John Collins Karl Anthony-Towns
Terry Rozier Devin Booker Devin Booker Tobias Harris Nikola Vucevic
Emmanuel Mudiay Luka Doncic Andrew Wiggins Domantas Sabonis  DeAndre Jordan 
Tyus Jones Malcolm Brogdon  Chandler Hutchison Lauri Markkanen JaVale McGee


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook Devin Booker Giannis Antetokounmpo John Collins Karl Anthony Towns
Tyus Jones Luka Doncic Paul George  Tobias Harris Nikola Vucevic 
Terry Rozier Tim Hardaway Jr. Brandon Ingram  Domantas Sabonis DeAndre Jordan
DJ Augustin Marcus Smart Chandler Hutchison Jerami Grant  JaVale McGee

Core 4

DeAndre Jordan (DK $6,400) (FD $6,800) 

Such a good price on both sites. He crushed Boston last year and I fully understand that was with the Clippers but 20 rebounds are in play here because the Celtics don’t have anybody that can compete with him on the glass. In the last couple of games, he has seen his minutes cut but that is strictly from blowouts. Not only do the Celtics not have anyone that can rebound with him, but they also don’t have anyone who can challenge him at the rim. He is not known as a scorer, obviously, but he averaged nearly 23 a game against BOS last year for one reason. A lot of dunks. The C’s haven’t done anything personnel wise to change that so I expect more of the same tonight. I feel safe enough to LOCK in a double-double. The only question is how big of a double-double it becomes. 

Chandler Hutchison (DK $3,000) (FD $3,500) 

It’s extremely rare we get a legit minimum-priced player who is most likely going to start and get 30 minutes. but I believe that is what we have here. The Bulls just traded Justin Holiday away and he was a minutes monster. They have Jabari Parker, who they absolutely hate and are trying to run out of town for whatever reason, and he hasn’t played since Dec. 13. They literally don’t have any other wings tonight and when we can “safely” play a minimum-priced guy, I am going to do it every time. I am not expecting massive usage but more of what Holiday did, low usage player but could get there on minutes and peripherals alone and if he gets hot shooting the ball he can smash this price. 

Terry Rozier (DK $6,100) (FD $6,100) 

Awesome FD play, good DK play. Look, we know what we are going to get out of him every time Kyrie misses. We have a big enough sample and his price is still absolutely within reason. We have to play him again here tonight. I wrote him up the other night and said I wouldn’t be surprised if he got 10 boards. Well, that surely didn’t happen, but he did pitch in five steals, which is something he is absolutely capable of when he is locked in, and without Kyrie, he is locked in every time. He only shot the ball 10 times as well, which is pretty standard for what he has been doing all year. Basically, I think we saw a floor game from him last time out, and I will absolutely take that at this price on both sites. 

Lauri Markkanen ($6,500) (FD $7,300) 

Fair price on both sites and probably a little too cheap honestly. With Bobby Portis still OUT and Holiday gone, his minute floor should be massive here. He played 28 last time out in a game they lost by 30. He played very well the first time these two teams met. He scored 43.5 DK points on just 8-24 shooting. The thing that absolutely stood out from that game was the amount of three’s he took. Thirteen was the number. That is a massive shot volume from three and it makes sense, Turner doesn’t like to venture out there and neither does Sabonis. If we get no Turner for IND tonight, it is an even better matchup because that means he is going to be seeing Sabonis and Kyle O’Quinn’s defense. He should absolutely be able to take advantage of this matchup and play well here and for the price, he makes all the sense in the world.