NBA Cash Breakdown 1/12

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/12

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/12

Six NBA games on this Saturday slate and there are a couple of really nice games. The MIN/NO and SAC/CHA games really stick out as the two best, but there are certainly plays in the other games. We get to see OKC/SA part two and boy, that first game was insane. Probably the best overall basketball game played so far this year. SA won 154-147 in double OT.

Then we have the question of what to do with Donovan Mitchell. The Jazz are still going to be without Rubio, Exum and Neto for the game against CHI tonight and I think I am leaning toward just playing Mitchell until he gets over 9K on DK. We saw it again last night with the peripheral stats due to playing the point. In the two games without all of the guards, he has seven and nine assists, which is way up from his season average of 3.6.

Let’s dig in!


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook Donovan Mitchell  Paul George Anthony Davis Nikola Jokic
Kyrie Irving  Andrew Wiggins  Jeremy Lamb LaMarcus Aldridge  Nikola Vucevic 
Kemba Walker  Joe Ingles Jae Crowder Derrick Favors Willie Cauley Stein
De’Aaron Fox Kyle Korver Royce O’Neale Bobby Portis  Taj Gibson 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook  Donovan Mitchell  Paul George Anthony Davis  Nikola Jokic
De’Aaron Fox  Andrew Wiggins  Joe Ingles  LaMarcus Aldridge  Nikola Vucevic 
Kemba Walker Jeremy Lamb  Jae Crowder Derrick Favors  Rudy Gobert 
Kyrie Irving Kyle Korver  Royce O’Neale  Marcus Morris  Bismack Miyombo 

DK Core 4

Jeremy Lamb ($5,500)

Donovan Mitchell ($8,500)

Royce O’Neale  ($3,900) 

Nikola Vucevic ($8,800) 

I pretty much covered MITCHELL in my opening. I am not sure I want to fade him with all of this added usage, minutes floor and the addition of the peripheral stats. The matchup is really good against CHI. I am not too concerned with the back to back, as both games are being played at home and CHI is traveling for their second game of a back to back after playing GSW last night. We talk about wanting to target SAC with wings every slate and this is no different. This is a really, really good JEREMY LAMB spot. Lamb only played 27 minutes last night due to an early blowout against POR, so he should be fine coming into tonight’s game. ROYCE O’NEALE played 40 minutes last night. That may have some worried but not me. This is a guy who is trying to make a mark on the coaching staff and there is almost zero chance he comes out sluggish tonight. Honestly, if you are going to play 35+ minutes against the Bulls and you are $3,900, chances are I am going to like you. Now you factor in how depleted the Jazz are at the guard/wing spots and it’s near impossible to fade. VUCEVIC comes into tonight’s game at the lowest he has been priced in two weeks and we certainly love seeing that. This perceived “tough’ matchup against the C’s is so so overblown, especially at the center spot. The C’s struggle to guard bigs who can do it all, and Vuc is certainly that type of player. This is just too for me in this spot. 


Marcus Morris ($4,800)

Donovan Mitchell ($8,100)

Royce O’Neale  ($3,500) 

Rudy Gobert ($8,400)

Both MITCHELL and O’NEALE are literal locks for your cash games on FD tonight, don’t even think twice about it. FD has again set us up with a player who they are just not going to move their salary for a week. That player is MARCUS MORRIS. How in the world Morris is $4,800? I will never know. He has put up 34.6 and 34.7 FD points in back to back games and his price has not moved. You just have to keep playing him at that price and there really isn’t a whole lot else to dive in to there. Our final Core 4 play on FD is going to be RUDY GOBERT. Just super safe at the price. Chicago is certainly a team that likes to attack the rim so the block upside is going to be there are well tonight. He has been a rebounding machine lately and the Bulls are the third-worst shooting team in the league percentage wise. Not to mention, they also turn the ball over the fifth-most in the league. The defensive upside is certainly there tonight and even if we don’t get that, the floor is still super safe with the points and rebounds he should have here.