NBA Cash Breakdown 1/10

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/10

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/10

Not my favorite four-game NBA slate but as I always say, there is still money to be made! I am writing this so late tonight that we actually just got the Blake Griffin news, which is obviously huge for a four-game slate. Let’s dig in and see what we can come up with!


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook DeMar DeRozan Paul George LaMarcus Aldridge Nikola Jokic
De’Aaron Fox Jamal Murray Danilo Gallinari Paul Millsap  Andre Drummond
Reggie Jackson  Dwayne Wade Marcus Morris  Kelly Olynyk  Steven Adams 
Derrick White Reggie Bullock  Stanley Johnson  Jon Leuer Hassan Whiteside


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Russell Westbrook DeMar DeRozan  Paul George LaMarcus Aldridge Nikola Jokic 
Kyrie Irving  Dwayne Wade Danilo Gallinari Paul Millsap Andre Drummond 
Derrick White  Reggie Bullock  Davis Bertans  Marcus Morris Hassan Whiteside
Reggie Jackson  Jaylen Brown  Stanley Johnson  Jon Leuer Steven Adams 

DK Core 4

Stanley Johnson ($3,100)

Nikola Jokic ($10,500)

Andre Drummond ($9,100) 

Jon Leuer ($3,100) 

I fully get that I have three Pistons in here, but JOHNSON and LEUER will have to play every minute at PF tonight, as they just do not have anybody else. DRUMMOND gets a big boost with Blake OUT and this is a matchup with the Kings. We have been saying it for weeks now, it just doesn’t get much better than that. JOKIC is in there because he also has a really good matchup and with all of the Pistons value, it should be no problem fitting him in there tonight. I am honestly probably going to be playing four Pistons minimum in every lineup because they are all so cheap, they get the matchup boost and they are missing a massive part of their team minutes wise and usage wise. 


Stanley Johnson($3,500)

Marcus Morris ($4,700)

Andre Drummond ($9,800) 

Jon Leuer ($3,500) 

Obviously, we can only play one C on FD, and I will lean Drummond tonight with the Blake news, but I wouldn’t fault you for going Jokic here. The one change from the DK core is MARCUS MORRIS simply because he is way too cheap on FD. He is $900 cheaper on FD and you literally almost never see that, so I am just going to take advantage of that and play him over there tonight.