NBA Cash Breakdown 1/1

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/1

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/1

Woof. This may be my least favorite NBA slate this year. Welcome to 2019, I suppose. The Portland backcourt certainly has my interest but outside of that, I am not sure what I really love here. Philly was in LA last night for New Year’s, and I honestly don’t know that we can play any of them comfortably. With all of that said, let’s check out the players that should be on your radar for cash games. 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Damian Lillard Jamal Murray Giannis Antetokounmpo Blake Griffin Joel Embiid**
De’Aaron Fox Khris Middleton  Kawhi Leonard Tobias Harris Nikola Jokic
Ricky Rubio  CJ McCollum Ben Simmons Mason Plumlee Rudy Gobert
Reggie Jackson  TJ McConnell  Bogdan Bogdanovic Luke Kornet Willie Cauley-Stein 


Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward  Power Forward  Center 
Damian Lillard Khris Middleton Giannis Antetokounmpo Blake Griffin  Joel Embiid**
De’Aaron Fox CJ McCollum Kawhi Leonard Tobias Harris Nikola Jokic
Emmanuel Mudiay Bogdan Bogdanovic Nemanja Bjelica Derrick Favors Willie Cauley-Stein 
Reggie Jackson  Delon Wright  Juancho Hernangomez  Luke Kornet Mason Plumlee

Core 4

Nikola Jokic (DK $9,800) (FD $9,900) 

Very nice price on FD and if Embiid misses, he is absolutely your cash game center, no questions asked. If Embiid plays, it is a really good matchup and that decision becomes splitting hairs. Regardless, Jokic is a really good play here against NY, which has the second-worst defensive rating in the league, and Jokic should be able to carve them up here. Jokic has a really solid 25.4 percent usage rate on the year while averaging 1.5 DK points per minute. The blowout risk concerns me a little bit but at the same time, if they blow them out, he will certainly be a part of it. Hopefully, we get enough minutes out of him to pay off that salary. We have seen him nearly triple-double in a half, so I am not overly concerned. 

CJ McCollum (DK $6,600) (FD $6,100) 

LOVE the FD price BIG time. If you don’t play him in cash over there, I am not sure you have a correct process. The matchup with the Kings is a really good one, especially for the backcourt. The Kings are 23rd in defensive rating while playing at the second-fastest pace in the league. We certainly love those kinds of matchups and tonight should be no different. You can certainly play Dame as well, I just chose to go with the cheaper option here. CJ is averaging one DK point per minute, which isn’t that great but again, the matchup bump is so huge here that he should be able to produce at a greater clip tonight. He comes in with a solid 26.2 percent usage rate on the year. Portland hasn’t really had a big pace up spot recently, so tonight should be a great opportunity for their guys to produce fantasy wise. 

Reggie Jackson (DK $4,800) (FD $5,500) 

I like the price on both sites and while this play is certainly not sexy, it is a good cash play tonight. This is the cheapest Jackson has been all year, and any time we get that we certainly like to take advantage. He has been hovering right around value at this price in his last few games due to his poor shooting. If he was shooting the ball well, he would be smashing that price. In his last four games, here are his shooting numbers and DK points: 5-15 for 23.25 DK points, 2-11 for 21.5 DK points, 5-13 for 32.5 DK points and 5-12 for 24.75 DK points. My point is he is doing quite a bit in other categories, which is what we certainly are looking for in cash. He has had fewer than four assists in just one game over his last 10 and over his last three games, his rebounding numbers have been four, four and five. They have played MIL twice and he has been solid, averaging 15 points, 4.5 boards and 4.5 assists for 26.6 DK points per game. While not spectacular, it gets us there for cash games tonight. 

Luke Kornet (DK $4,600) (FD $3,800) 

Stupid FD man. We have another Rodney McGruder and Josh Hart situation. Kornet has started and played well for two straight games, and they have barely moved his price off of the minimum. I certainly don’t love playing players going into Denver but with Kanter questionable and Mitchell Robinson questionable, I am not sure who else they can run out there at C. He has played 34 and 29 minutes in those two games and has scored 39.25 DK points and 32 DK points. He actually has an all-around game and we love that for cash games. He has five assists in both games to go with three and six rebounds. While those numbers aren’t great, they will work for that price. He has taken double-digit shots in both games and in those double digits came 11 and six three-point attempts. We also love that from a big. He is just too cheap and until he gets priced out, we just have to keep playing him.