NBA Cash Breakdown 1/1

NBA Cash Breakdown 1/1

Woof. This may be my least favorite NBA slate this year. Welcome to 2019, I suppose. The Portland backcourt certainly has my interest but outside of that, I am not sure what I really love here. Philly was in LA last night for New Year’s, and I honestly don’t know that we can play any of them comfortably. With all of that said, let’s check out the players that should be on your radar for cash games. 

Core 4

Nikola Jokic (DK $9,800) (FD $9,900) 

Very nice price on FD and if Embiid misses, he is absolutely your cash game center, no questions asked. If Embiid plays, it is a really good matchup and that decision becomes splitting hairs. Regardless, Jokic is a really good play here against NY, which has the second-worst defensive rating in the league, and Jokic should be able to carve them up here. Jokic has a really solid 25.4 percent usage rate on the year while averaging 1.5 DK points per minute. The blowout risk concerns me a little bit but at the same time, if they blow them out, he will certainly be a part of it. Hopefully, we get enough minutes out of him to pay off that salary. We have seen him nearly triple-double in a half, so I am not overly concerned.