CBB 2.4 Slate

CBB 2.4 Slate

CBB 2.4 Slate


Jared Culver – Texas Tech ($8800): Culver has been a fantasy monster this year mainly due to his massive 31% usage rate. Texas Tech doesn’t have the most explosive offense but everything goes directly through Culver. He should see a tempo boost in this one as Press Virginia is one of the faster-paced teams in the country. He was dealing with foul trouble in his last matchup with West Va. this year and still ended the game with 30 FP in 22 minutes. I think he should see the same output in this one with 40+ fp upside.

Kerry Blackshear – Virginia Tech ($7000): Going to be targeting Virginia Tech players a lot here while J-Rob is out with an injury. With a six-man rotation and Blackshear the only big on the roster, we’re going to see him with a 30% usage rate with massive rebounding upside. We just saw him put up 39 FP in one of the worst games of all time that ended with a total of 71 points. Va. Tech is projected to score 72 points in this one, and I think a lot of that will need to come from Blackshear.

Mid Level

Ahmed Hill – Virginia Tech ($5900): Hill put up a stinker last game and shot 3-13 from the field. Good news is that 11 FP point performance will scare away most people from rostering him today. Without J Rob, Hill has to take a more prominent role in the offense. He played all 40 minutes last game and got up 13 shots. Hill has had a solid year and has shown 30 FP upside before but without J-Rob I think he now has 40 FP upside.

Tariq Owens – Texas Tech ($6000): Owens has really figured out his role for this Texas Tech team. He has been playing well as of late and is now consistently seeing 30 minutes per game. What makes him attractive fantasy wise is his elite block upside, and in a game where West Va will try to speed the game up, I think he’ll see a lot of opportunities to rack up a ton of blocks. Owens is averaging 6 rebounds per game and we’ve seen him become a little more aggressive lately getting up 9 and 10 shots in his last two games. If he gets that amount of shots up again he has 30+ FP upside.


Anthony Gaines – Northwestern ($4900): For a team that has struggled offensively all year, Gaines has taken it upon himself to step and attempt to fill that scoring void for Northwestern. After moving into the starting lineup, Gaines has been a value star fantasy wise. He gets up 10+ shots a game and has the ability to produce in every category. I’ve seen him help someone win a GPP on two separate occasions. As long as he remains under that $5500 salary line, he will always be a great option for a value play.

Wabissa Bede – Virginia Tech ($3900): Don’t need to talk much about this one. He played all 40 minutes last game and is still priced under $4k. Va. Tech scored 47 points last game and he still ended up with 23 FP. He’s an elite defender and has great steal upside. He won’t be taking many shots but should be able to produce in other categories to again get up to the 20+ fp range.