CBB 2.10 Slate

CBB 2.10 Slate

CBB 2.10 Slate


Tyler Cook – Iowa ($8300): In a small four-game slate where it’s hard to find value, you want to stick to the highest used guys and hope other people reach and make mistakes. Cook has a nice 27% usage rate and Iowa is projected to score the highest amount in the slate. Cook seems to be back to full health as we just saw him post a 39 FP game against Indiana. I like him to be aggressive here at home and have 35+ FP upside in a game I will be targeting.

Payton Pritchard – Oregon ($7300): I’ve always liked using Pritchard in cash because he is usually around mid 6k to low 7k and plays close to 40 minutes every game. He is up and down as far as his shot totals, but he is such as consistent fantasy player because of his ability to rebound, assist and steal. In a smaller slate I will be definitely rolling him out at his low floor and with his steal upside, he could easily get to 30+ FP.

Mid Level

Abdoulaye Gueye – Georgia Tech ($5900): Over the past few weeks after coming back from injury, Gueye has turned into Georgia Tech’s more aggressive offensive players. We’ve seen him take over 10 shots in three of his last five games and get to a 22% usage rate. I still think DK has him slightly underpriced with his ability to get to 30+ FP, which he did in the last matchup against ND. If he can stay out of foul trouble he should easily get to close to DD type numbers in this one.

Joe Wieskamp – Iowa ($6300): I will definitely be targeting Iowa guys today and at the low 6k price point Wieskamp makes a nice play. The freshman has been a nice surprise for this Iowa team and a lot of their success this year could be attributed to his high level of play. He consistently plays 30+ minutes and has the ability to produce in all categories. We’ve seen him have the ability to reach 30 FP and if he can get hot from three and pick up a few steals, I think he can get there just like he did in the last matchup against NW.


Anthony Gaines – Northwestern ($5500): Gaines’ price on DK has steadily been rising after his recent fantasy performances, but I still like rolling him out at this mid 5k price point. After jumping into the starting lineup a few weeks ago, Gaines’ usage and production have skyrocketed. NW was in desperate need of some sort of offensive firepower and Gaines has filled that role. NW gets a tempo boost in this one against Iowa and I think Gaines should get 10+ shots in this one with the ability to put up rebounds and assists as well.

Nikola Djogo – Notre Dame ($4000): The slate does not have many options for value so I will be ending up playing Djogo a lot in this spot. He’s not one of ND’s better players and won’t get too many minutes since they are finally healthy but he did carve out a starting spot and has put up some nice fantasy lines the last few games. He does have the upside to grab a few rebounds and get hot from three. He has the ability to get to 15+ FP and I will be very happy with that.