CBB 1.12 Slate

CBB 1.12 Slate

Everyday I will be breaking down my favorite plays in each tier of pricing. I will be available in the chat an hour before lock discussing the top plays, helping you with your lineups, and adjusting to late news.

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Back at it for a massive Saturday 14 game slate.


John Mooney – Notre Dame ($7700) : As I’ve mentioned before, I never really like paying up for players in bigger slates, so I try to stay in the 7k area for studs if I can and Mooney is the perfect fit on Saturday. He’s been pretty ridiculous fantasy wise this year averaging 30 fp per game. He’s basically turned into an auto lock for a DD and his usage has gone up a little ever since the Pfueger injury. He has a plus uptempo matchup against a soft defense in BC where we’ve seen guys like Mamadi Diakite, Kerry Blackshear and Nate Watson eat inside against them. I’m expecting another DD and 40 fp upside from Mooney.

Lamar Peters – Mississippi State ($7400) : With Ole Miss coming off a massive win against Auburn, this seems like a good spot for Miss State at home. We tried the PG spot against them last time and he busted, but we’re gonna go to it again. Peters completely runs the show for Miss St and plays close to 40 min per game. In a plus uptempo matchup I like him to have ample opportunities to create and score. He’s scored 35 or more fp in 5 of his last 7. He’s going to rack up the assists in this one and I’m expecting DD type numbers. He has 40 fp upside.


Mid Level

Markell Johnson – NC State ($6100) : Easy, DK continues to underprice him and yes we’re going to continue to play him every slate. Best player on one of the fastest teams in the country. Gets Pitt at home with the ball in his hands majority of the game, has 30+ fp upside.

CJ Jackson – Ohio State ($6900) : The dude is the definition of a safe dfs player. He contributes in every single category, plays 35 min a game, and never fouls. He’s scored over 20 fp in his last 10 games and over 30 in 6 of those. Love the matchup against an uptempo Iowa team. I think he leads the Buckeyes to a road victory in this one.



Christian Cuttingham – Louisville ($5100) – Of course we have to play a guy in the UNC game, they’re the 5th fastest team in the country. Cuttingham has really took off recently and established himself as the 2nd option on an overachieving Louisville team. He plays the whole game as their primary ball handler and has been jacking up more shots ever since the Kentucky game. He’s scored 30+ fp in 3 of his last 4. In a game where there will be a ton of points, I expect his trend to continue.

Phil Cofer – Florida State ($4300) : Love the matchup here for the Noles and I have a feeling they take down Goliath Duke in this one at home. FSU is so tough because they play so many guys, but someone has to score for the Noles and I think Cofer has a good shot at racking up some points in this one. Ever since coming back from injury he has been solid, but slowly getting himself back into the swing of things. He’s played around 30 min per game in his last 3 and has been getting up close to 10 shots a game. Last year he was one of the best players on the team, so $4300 seems like a steal against the 9th fastest team in the country at home. He has 20+ fp upside. Worth to note he dropped 28 on Duke last year.