About Us

What is The Quant Edge?

The Quant Edge (TQE) is a one-of-a-kind provider of online sports betting models and DFS picks. Our betting models, line-up optimizers, and sports wagering insight are developed by machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are the brainchild of predictive analytics expert Todd Gross, who brings his winning ways to sports data after a successful career in commodities trading and hedge funds. Everyone at TQE is fanatical about sports and the statistics that track each team and athlete’s performance. We’re an online hub of information for sports bettors and fantasy sports players, driven by world-class mathematics and proprietary algorithms not available anywhere else.

The Quant Edge memberships offer you immediate access to unique betting apps, tools, fantasy lineups, articles, and podcasts. We cover the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NCAA as well as UFC Fight Nights. When you’re a member, you’ll have data-rich information that helps you place smarter sports bets. We also provide direct access to leading sportsbooks or betting websites as well as other partners. Our betting tools cover the odds as they offer you insight and data that often is far more enlightening than others. As a result, TQE is more relevant to your needs. The bottom line is our algorithms are smarter, and the mathematicians behind them are leaders in their field.


How Does The Quant Edge Work?

The Quant Edge’s sports betting models utilize advanced data science metrics to deliver the purest quantitative results. They are separate from human intuition and the product of predictive analytics and proprietary software. Your membership introduces you to a web-based ecosystem of multi-sport tools, sports wagering applications, and content based on superior data and mathematics. Because our product is delivered online entirely, everything is in real time, and you’ll receive optimum sports betting data no matter what time you’re checking in. User friendliness is of paramount importance and everything on your screen in presented in a clean, modern, interactive user experience that is easy to use.

The Quant Edge launched in 2018 as an informative destination for online sports wagering information by way of its revolutionary new tools for daily fantasy football players and bettors. Later on, we added NBA daily fantasy and betting tools, and MMA content. New additions for 2019 include MLB, and we plan to bring online NCAA Football and PGA daily fantasy players and betting tools. All of this is made possible by a team of data scientists, statisticians, and sports analysts who use real-time football, basketball, baseball, and UFC data with cutting-edge metrics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to deliver intelligent betting insight. Compared to others, our on-screen displays are easier to understand and use for our members who want to play fantasy sports and place bets.


What are the Core Betting Tools on The Quant Edge?

Daily Best Bets gives you our opinions about who will cover the spread and also provide over-under for each game, and we assign confidence ratings on every pick

Player Performance Changer offers users an option to add their insight and adjust player performance to their personal preferences, which then updates betting lines

Opinion-Based Odds provides members with an opportunity to see changes in wagering lines, totals, and probabilities after their inputs are added

Injury Tool by Snap gives breakdowns of every player before every snap, showing 10 of the most vital team predictive statistics based on the player you choose – a capability not available anywhere else

Match-Up Comparisons make available heat maps for players and their defenses, rankings versus positions (such as WR vs. CB), and also vulnerabilities for each team based on our sophisticated data.

What Else does The Quant Edge Provide to Its Members?

As a premier online destination for sports wagering insight, our betting apps show you how to win sports bets and grow your bankroll — we cover the odds and improve your wagering. But The Quant Edge also provides informational articles, podcasts, and comparisons of betting lines. This expanded content rounds out a complete offering of tools and optimizers to keep you better informed and help you bet smarter. All are contributed by leading sports writers and journalists with in-depth knowledge about the players and games they cover. Our contributors dig deeper and think more insightfully to give you angles and ideas seldom available from others. User experience also is of paramount importance to us, and we present content that is well organized and less crowded than you will find on competing sports websites. Our commitment to in-depth coverage also will satisfy the most in-depth aficionados.

For sports betting tools and DFS picks covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and UFC Fight Nights, The Quant Edge is Second to None. We are powered by proprietary algorithms based on qualitative analytics that you can’t find anywhere else. Our memberships come at several different levels based on your interest, and we help you identify value betting opportunities. We’re changing the game with data-driven tools never before available – and we give you a winning edge every time.