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Why TQE?

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The Quant Edge has an advanced sports betting model with picks on every game, as well as having DFS tools unlike any other. We provide best-in-class applications and sports content based on the principles of predictive analytics. Powered by machine-learning algorithms proprietary to us, we are sports experts offering you analysis and content to improve your game. Our betting and fantasy tools are industry-leading because our formula is better and our algorithms are relentless. TQE is a tremendous new asset for fantasy sports fans and sports bettors who want data to help identify value betting opportunities.

With a membership to The Quant Edge, you’ll have access to in-depth data, articles, and podcasts covering the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NCAA and UFC Fight Nights. You’ll bet smarter with help from our tools, our experts and our partnerships with top sportsbooks giving you direct access to sports betting opportunities. Our mission is to provide you with exclusive betting tools that go far beyond what traditional sports media would ever bring to light so that with us, you find out much more than you can from any other source.

What Makes The Quant Edge Different?

We are a web-based ecosystem of sports data applications with content backed by world-class mathematics. We provide shrewdly intelligent sports data and qualitative analytics thanks to proprietary algorithms that are second to none. The Quant Edge founder Todd Gross is a successful developer of predictive software now bringing his experience to sports data after successful careers in both commodities trading and hedge funds. The team he has assembled includes some of the best minds in the business.  Deep industry-leading insight sets apart TQE from all others.

We offer you a clean, modern, interactive user experience that includes unique, multi-sport tools. The result is optimal performance in real time no matter whether or not you’re placing a football bet or playing daily fantasy (DFS) basketball. Our members have the option to choose from several base packages, centered on betting and DFS picks for football, basketball and baseball.

Our Core Tools Help You Play Like a Pro

  • Daily Best Bets include who we think will cover the spread and over-under for each game, assigning confidence ratings to each sports pick.
  • Betting and Player Impact allows users to provide their own insight and change player performance to their liking, which updates betting lines
  • Opinion-Based Odds lets sports betters see how lines, totals, and probabilities change based on their inputs
  • Injury Impact Tool by Snap provides a injury impact breakdown of every player before each snap, displaying 10 of the most important team predictive statistics by the player you select – a feature not available from any other source
  • Match-Up Comparisons include heatmaps for players and defenses, rankings versus positions (i.e., WR vs. CB matchups), and team vulnerabilities that cannot be found anywhere else

TQE's Traditional Sports Content Informs Our Members First and Best

In addition to our optimizers, The Quant Edge proudly plays host to some of the most insightful and informative sports content available online. Our articles, featured podcasts, are contributed by some of the industries top experts and analysts. With us, the key is insight and analysis that always goes more in-depth than the competition to give you perspectives not available elsewhere. We present our content in a way that’s far less crowded than other sports websites yet it is always in-depth enough to be of interest and value to the biggest sports aficionados.

The bottom line is that The Quant Edge is changing the game for sports bettors and daily fantasy (DFS) with data-driven betting tools and content that has never been available before. If you love sports and want to be more involved in the action for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and UFC Fight Nights, sign-up for a membership today and join our growing community of sports betting and DFS enthusiasts. It’s a competitive world out there — and winning requires more insight than ever before.

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