College Basketball Picks

Picks and probabilities for every college basketball game!

NBA Picks

The TQE NBA Betting tool gives you picks and probabilities on every NBA game every night. See what games our algorithm is most confident in. Live lines, odds, and probabilities as news breaks throughout the day.

NBA Best Bets

The best five NBA bets that TQE has to offer. See which picks TQE gives the highest probability of hitting. If we don’t win your next day is free!.

FD NBA Optimizer

NBA optimizer allows you to create 150 lineups in seconds. Use TQE player projections, ownership projecting, create groups, exclude teams, and upload personal projections!

NFL Best Bets

The best five NFL bets that TQE has to offer. See which picks TQE gives the highest probability of hitting and gain your edge!

NFL Picks and Player Impact

Get The TQE Model Picks historically hitting at 58% and adjust game lines and probabilities by predicting player performance

NBA Player Impact – Individual

Stay ahead of the competition by seeing how players perform when specified teammates are off the court.

Dk Optimizer (Football)

Use the power of quantitative analysis, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to set optimal lineups week after week.

Head to Head Player Comparison

Compare players head to head using advanced analytics. See how players stack up against the defense they’re facing to help you decide who to draft and who to start in DFS.

WR/CB Matchup

Everything you need to know about the week’s wide receiver versus cornerback matchup. Where do they line up? How do they fair on each route? Are they a shadow corner? Find your answers here.

Injury Impact

Get an in-depth look at how an injury will impact a team’s performance. This never-before-seen tool allows you to see how teams and players are affected when you take any player off the field. .

Player Performance vs Team

The perfect database to show how a player has done historically vs any specific team. This tool allows you to factor historical data into your decision making process..

Back to Back Impact

Visualize how teams and players are affected when playing with normal rest, on back to backs, and when playing three games in four nights to help you find the edge you need for your DFS and sports betting needs.

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